Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I came, I saw and I had to get out fast

(Wed 18 Nov)

I was going to spend almost two weeks there and I ended up leaving hastily on Wednesday the 18th via a quick river crossing and a flight out of Congo Brazzaville back to SA. That night my friends in the Congo called to say that it was for the best cause Bemba (one of the two presidential candidates) had unanimously announced himself the victor. This was before the official results were announced and of course the one thing everybody feared.
The rest is now historical record and Kabila was announced president and there was a huge collective sigh of relief.
The shoot was madness. I should post a retrospective but I've already been back since then.
I spent 10 days there from the 2nd till the 10th of February this year to shoot another music video for JB Mpiana. It was our biggest shoot to date and I would have blogged had I had the time. Oh well, suffice to say that life goes on even if my blog doesn't.