Monday, July 09, 2007

The Way the Week Starts

We've survived the weekend but only just.

I think since the first time I came to Kinshasa and was dragged to all the nightspots I have not bothered to go out and party. Usually I'm too knackered to think of partying. Not so this time. The client (Heineken) sponsored a huge party on Saturday with muso's from Paris and when I arrived there (after drinking two beers at the guest house) I proceeded to drink more beers than I can remember over the course of an evening which ended in a night club called 36. It also helped that the music was fantastic and the dance floor small and packed. At some point I recall everything coming together in a way I haven't experienced at party since the ecstacy fueled 90's. In fact there was a three or four song period of time where I think everybody on the dance floor was dancing with everybody else, or so it felt.

I paid the price on Sunday and luckily got a full nights sleep last night so today I feel like a normal person again.

By lunchtime the full crew will have arrived in Kinshasa and we will be going full-ball. At this stage I'm focusing on the first two commercials that we'll be shooting and hoping that the second two will come-together at some stage...

I have vision's of Werner Hertzog's "African Queen" flashing past my eyes every so often.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

King of Congo

I'm getting ready for another trip up the big river. If only Marlowe could see me now.

Tomorrow I fly to JHB and Friday to Kinshasa to shoot 4 beer commercials for Primus. This time we have to shoot 4 commercials in the time it usually takes us to shoot one feature length music video (13 minutes at LEAST!).

It's a hot balmy night in Cape Town, 19 degrees and the moon's just popped over Devil's peak.