Monday, July 09, 2007

The Way the Week Starts

We've survived the weekend but only just.

I think since the first time I came to Kinshasa and was dragged to all the nightspots I have not bothered to go out and party. Usually I'm too knackered to think of partying. Not so this time. The client (Heineken) sponsored a huge party on Saturday with muso's from Paris and when I arrived there (after drinking two beers at the guest house) I proceeded to drink more beers than I can remember over the course of an evening which ended in a night club called 36. It also helped that the music was fantastic and the dance floor small and packed. At some point I recall everything coming together in a way I haven't experienced at party since the ecstacy fueled 90's. In fact there was a three or four song period of time where I think everybody on the dance floor was dancing with everybody else, or so it felt.

I paid the price on Sunday and luckily got a full nights sleep last night so today I feel like a normal person again.

By lunchtime the full crew will have arrived in Kinshasa and we will be going full-ball. At this stage I'm focusing on the first two commercials that we'll be shooting and hoping that the second two will come-together at some stage...

I have vision's of Werner Hertzog's "African Queen" flashing past my eyes every so often.

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