Sunday, May 17, 2009

How do I know which part of my brain is missing?

I got a little behind, so here's some 'back-story'

Thursday 30 April 2009
Room F5 Cape Medi Clinic

From here I can see all the way down to the see and beyond.

A thought just occurred to me… How would I ever know that the Neurosurgeon did not remove an essential part of my brain? How would I know? What if the piece that I would miss, by virtue of being missing, will never make it’s absence felt by just not being around?

I had some visitors today and I wondered if they were being briefed down the corridor on the part of my brain that was missing so that they didn’t accidentally mentioned or alert me to it.

Funny. Funny in a brain surgery joking kind of way.

The bottom line according to my Neurosurgeon is that the part of my brain that I grew the tumour in, the front right temporal lobe, is one of the least critical parts of the brain and conversely the most ‘up for it’ when it comes to taking bits out.
Or put another way, he has removed up to 9cm of this part of the brain with no notable side effects. This is one of the many miracles of what is happening to me. I grow a tumour in the part of my brain where there is little if anything preventing a surgeon from removing it in it’s entirety.

But I’m writing this myself and I’m also the one with 5cm less front right temporal brain so who are you going to believe?

I mean I know there’s a hole there now!

Tomorrow is a week since the operation and I’m probably going to be discharged, I’m going home. Today is the first day since the operation that I feel like I can survive myself. If I woke up tomorrow and the Swine Flu had killed all the ugly people in the world and Cape Town was overrun by six foot blonde’s ripping all the copper out of the city to redo their bathrooms I think I’d actually be able to fight my way to the harbour and find a way out of here.

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Marietjie Myburg said...

And everybody who loves you will fight there right by your side. We are willing to take on swine flue or the blondes ripping up the steel right there with you. Be strong and be light as in lig and liggewig. XX