Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Road Trip to the coldest place in South Africa

This was full moon from the balcony of the flat I'm staying at right now, but taken a few weeks ago.

I'm off to Sutherland today, the coldest place in South Africa. Temperature right now (7h30am) in Cape Town is 12 degrees and in Sutherland supposedly 10 degrees but I see snow coming. So hopefully later today I'll be posting some snow pics!

I'm going to do a reccie for a 2 minute mini doccie that Discovery Channel is interested in commissioning. I want to tell a story of the Telescope as a "time machine". Let's see what I find.

It's 4 hours by car and I'm going to see if I can post some pics and clips via my new Nokia N95. To infinity and beyond...

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Soutpiel said...

Very nice picture, that. Good luck posting with the new phone ... I'll keep an eye on the RSS feed.